Reasons why your woman might be acting differently

Reasons why your woman might be acting differently

`I don’t know what is wrong with her these days, she is  acting weird recently, she is different. ` These are some of the phrases I overhear fellow men saying about their ladies at times. Is your woman currently acting so psycho all over sudden? Out of the blue, she begins over reacting on petty issues that you know she could withstand before. She always gets upset easily, complains about some strange pains, or often has stress with no particular reasons? You feel like you too are on the wall as a man and out of solutions. Do not freak out yet… have you ever considered that your partner can be taking some birth control pills that cause these side effects?
The Ocella and Yazmin might be the cause:
You might have heard rumors that there are some birth control pills that cause fatal effects to a person. Sadly, these rumors are true. Several birth control pills AKA contraceptives /C pills, which have Yaz as the main ingredient, have these side effects. Ocella is one of them. Many women have been saved from unwanted pregnancies, thanks to Ocella, Yazmin among other C pills. On the flip side, Ocella has side effects that range from minor to fatal effects, which may require immediate medical attention.
These pills have a hormonal ingredient that steer hormone instability in a person. They will therefore trigger effects such as:
• Depression
• Unexplained stressful moods
• Allergic conditions and severe headaches
• feeling dizzy all over sudden
• suicidal thoughts
Other side effects include:
• Blood clots
• Stroke
• Heart attack
• Blood clots
• Breathing problems
• Red painful noodles on the skin
• Hepatitis
• Chest pain
• Abdominal pain
• Liver cancer
• gall bladder or even death
In other occasions, Ocella users have also complained of gaining a lot of weight. The patient will feel hungry and eat a lot of food. However, she will end up vomiting since in actual sense, she was not hungry but the Ocella effect brought about the hunger feeling.

You should seek urgent medical attention as soon as symptoms such as irregular heartbeats and muscle weakness, start to show.
Arm or Chest pain, abnormally sweating, warm groin feeling, poor or blurred vision, abnormal headaches, speaking difficulties, breasts lumps, complete or partial blindness, abdomen pain, and depression.
Bar pharmaceuticals was responsible for the manufacturing of this hemlock birth control pill. The manufacturers of this pill knew the side effects of the drug but did not inform the public. I am too asking the same questions as you are on how the drugs found its way into the market, with organizations such as food and drug administration in place. Bar pharmaceuticals was obviously in business trading with the public’s health by advertising and campaigning on the positive effects of the drug, leaving the bigger picture behind the scenes.
The public embraced the benefits innocently not knowing the price they had to pay. They bought them and it saved them a big deal in unwanted pregnancies, but little did they know that, the side effect was the catch. I am just a small fish and have no opinions but only table facts. Therefore, before guzzling those chemicals down your throat into your body system, you may consider seeking medical advice.


Secrets women keep from men



You may talk a lot with her until you feel that there is no more to say. However, did you know that despite of the much they say they bank piles of secrets you will never know. Below are some of the secret women keep from men as extracted from some therapists and councilors sessions.

  1. She checks on her exes often

You were right when you smelled something fishy is cooking when she was on social media. Ladies like checking on their exes through the inbox, or email in social Medias. Whichever the motive, they will prefer to keep it low key.

  1. That panty or under wear left in the drawer was not forgotten

A panty will be the last thing that a woman will ever forget in your apartment. So anytime you open the drawer the morning after and find her under wear, do not think she forgot it, she left it there. She cannot admit it but this is a way she devices to keep you thinking of her. In addition, it acts as a set up in case the other woman finds out; it will be history between you two.

  1.  She always gives a figure, ten times lower of the men she have slept with

This may sound ridiculously obvious but never underestimate the figure she says. Of course she don’t want to be labeled a slut, hoe, so she will strive to come out “clean” no matter what. If she tells you that she has slept with only two men, do your arithmetic well and add ten to that figure. Sometimes this is even less that the actual number. So if she gives a figure above seven, it`s unfortunate you are dating the H word?

  1. Unfortunately, money was the motive

No matter how you hate it, she will go to some extremes to get that shopping money. She does not necessarily love your football and golf hobbies. She simply shows interest in things you like so that she may get what she wants from you.

  1. She always wish you to come clean when she say,” we need to talk.”

Every time a woman tells you, “baby, we need to talk.”  She really means that you should come out clean. She may not say it to your face but deep down that will be her greatest wishes. Therefore, any time she will tell you that you need to talk, sharpen your wits or tell the truth and build your trust.

  1. She tries to find out what the kind of person you are but never tell you

She is always for information look out about you and will never tell you what she finds out. Her curiosity will drive her to Google you from your friends or even hers. Whatever she will find do not expect her to tell you no matter how bad or good it is. She will prefer to keep it to herself. Therefore, the next time you will notice a weird look, know that she have found out something new about you. However, do not even bother asking her coz she will never tell you.

  1. She is ever curious how your past girlfriend or ex looks like

No matter what it takes she will dig in depths to find out how your ex or past girlfriends looked like. She may use every resource she will find, from pictures, friends or photo shop, but you will never find out. It is her undercover mission.

The future of computer technology


There exists a thin line between computer technology and magic. Since the invention of the transistor, there have been emergence of devices that have changed the life of human beings on this small blue planet. From touch screens called magical walls, to wireless communications, that enables you to talk to people out of your vicinity, to GPS tracking, just to mention a few.
Various sectors have embraced computer technology, some of which no one could think computer applications could come in handy. Such sectors include the medical sectors and automobile sectors. In the recent past, medical laboratories used on and off led lights to display results and blade surgery. In recent times, LED and LCD display screens have replaced on and off lights and laser beam have replaced blade surgery.
Gradually a good number of sectors that are developing something new at every sunrise have completely embraced computer technology. In relation to the ongoing trends, the size of computer is been minimized and made more efficient through chip technology. This in turn has resulted to smaller and even more efficient devices.
In recent times, there has been embedment of the reduced computer sizes in many devices. A mobile company has already introduced to the market a phone having an Intel chip core, which is a processor used in desktop and laptop computers. This have resulted to emergence of gadgets and devices that are more efficient as, or, more than their preceding large computers despite of their small sizes.
The reduction of computers is paving way to nanotechnology. A nano is a billionth of a meter and in such a space, atomic electronic components and circuitry can be put together to form chip. With nano technology, manufacturing of pinhead-sized circuitry chips with great capabilities and capacities is possible. This are referred to as zero sized intelligence devices. Zero sized intelligence devices are atom sized supercomputers that appear invisible to the naked eye.

In the late 90’s and early 20’s only computers were known to have the ability to browse the internet. Then came the phones, iPods and lately, even digital cameras are internet enabled. With this trend, future gadgets such as watches will be internet enabled and will have communication abilities.
In future tracking systems will be more efficient and complicated than in recent times. An identification machine that scans the entire body of a person, to authorize access into building, will be embedded in CCTV surveillance cameras. This will increase tracking and security systems efficiency since creation of a special database for such purposes is possible. In such a scenario, a street surveillance camera will capture am image of a person walking on the streets and immediately displays the name of that person and details of the person such as address and residence information, retrieved from the database.
Display technologies have enabled flexible transparent and virtual screens. With this technology, accessories and gadgets such ATM cards will have the ability to display transaction information without necessarily visiting the bank ATM. With this description, I can see your mind picturing an image of a phone sized ATM card. That is not the case. Am referring to the same size of a normal ATM tickets and passports will embrace the same technology. Shops will have transparent windows that are actually screens that display video adverts. Do not forget hologram technology where one can see an image of a person or an object coming out of “nowhere”.
With sound recognition technology, such as Siri, future computer technology will result to a universal translator. A universal translator will enable users of different languages to understand each other. In such a scenario, a person can talk in Chinese to an audience who does not understand Chinese and a translator device enables them to understand what the speaker has said in their own, or one common language.
Another sector where computer technology is gradually craving in is the automobile industry. Computer devices installed in vehicles systems auto check performance and malfunctions. In recent times, the uses of GPS tracking systems have resulted to vehicles that auto drive themselves to target destinations. In future, following these trends, vehicles will completely auto drive themselves maybe like missiles. In such scenarios, a person can schedule his or her car to take-to-take him or her to work, automatically sends the car back home and when evening sets, the car automatically comes to pick him or her from work.
This will reduce parking costs and space not forgetting traffic avoidance due to precision driving.
The advent to have super humans on planet earth will see computer technology, biomedical engineering, and robotics integrated together. These will results to super robots that are a copycat of human beings. These robots will replace the delivery person since they will be efficient and time keepers. In future, human beings and robots will walk the same streets and it will be difficult to distinguish between the two unless by use if special devices. These robots will be used in disaster rescues and crime curbing.
In decades to come, all the events in films and predictions that are termed as fiction will dawn to be a reality in generations to come.
It may take another series of Britannica or Americana encyclopedias, if I were to record all the possible projections and predictions of future computer technology. With these brief explanations, it is now easy to create a futuristic mental picture, for those who underestimated the power of computer technology.

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