Secrets women keep from men



You may talk a lot with her until you feel that there is no more to say. However, did you know that despite of the much they say they bank piles of secrets you will never know. Below are some of the secret women keep from men as extracted from some therapists and councilors sessions.

  1. She checks on her exes often

You were right when you smelled something fishy is cooking when she was on social media. Ladies like checking on their exes through the inbox, or email in social Medias. Whichever the motive, they will prefer to keep it low key.

  1. That panty or under wear left in the drawer was not forgotten

A panty will be the last thing that a woman will ever forget in your apartment. So anytime you open the drawer the morning after and find her under wear, do not think she forgot it, she left it there. She cannot admit it but this is a way she devices to keep you thinking of her. In addition, it acts as a set up in case the other woman finds out; it will be history between you two.

  1.  She always gives a figure, ten times lower of the men she have slept with

This may sound ridiculously obvious but never underestimate the figure she says. Of course she don’t want to be labeled a slut, hoe, so she will strive to come out “clean” no matter what. If she tells you that she has slept with only two men, do your arithmetic well and add ten to that figure. Sometimes this is even less that the actual number. So if she gives a figure above seven, it`s unfortunate you are dating the H word?

  1. Unfortunately, money was the motive

No matter how you hate it, she will go to some extremes to get that shopping money. She does not necessarily love your football and golf hobbies. She simply shows interest in things you like so that she may get what she wants from you.

  1. She always wish you to come clean when she say,” we need to talk.”

Every time a woman tells you, “baby, we need to talk.”  She really means that you should come out clean. She may not say it to your face but deep down that will be her greatest wishes. Therefore, any time she will tell you that you need to talk, sharpen your wits or tell the truth and build your trust.

  1. She tries to find out what the kind of person you are but never tell you

She is always for information look out about you and will never tell you what she finds out. Her curiosity will drive her to Google you from your friends or even hers. Whatever she will find do not expect her to tell you no matter how bad or good it is. She will prefer to keep it to herself. Therefore, the next time you will notice a weird look, know that she have found out something new about you. However, do not even bother asking her coz she will never tell you.

  1. She is ever curious how your past girlfriend or ex looks like

No matter what it takes she will dig in depths to find out how your ex or past girlfriends looked like. She may use every resource she will find, from pictures, friends or photo shop, but you will never find out. It is her undercover mission.


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