Reasons why your woman might be acting differently

Reasons why your woman might be acting differently

`I don’t know what is wrong with her these days, she is  acting weird recently, she is different. ` These are some of the phrases I overhear fellow men saying about their ladies at times. Is your woman currently acting so psycho all over sudden? Out of the blue, she begins over reacting on petty issues that you know she could withstand before. She always gets upset easily, complains about some strange pains, or often has stress with no particular reasons? You feel like you too are on the wall as a man and out of solutions. Do not freak out yet… have you ever considered that your partner can be taking some birth control pills that cause these side effects?
The Ocella and Yazmin might be the cause:
You might have heard rumors that there are some birth control pills that cause fatal effects to a person. Sadly, these rumors are true. Several birth control pills AKA contraceptives /C pills, which have Yaz as the main ingredient, have these side effects. Ocella is one of them. Many women have been saved from unwanted pregnancies, thanks to Ocella, Yazmin among other C pills. On the flip side, Ocella has side effects that range from minor to fatal effects, which may require immediate medical attention.
These pills have a hormonal ingredient that steer hormone instability in a person. They will therefore trigger effects such as:
• Depression
• Unexplained stressful moods
• Allergic conditions and severe headaches
• feeling dizzy all over sudden
• suicidal thoughts
Other side effects include:
• Blood clots
• Stroke
• Heart attack
• Blood clots
• Breathing problems
• Red painful noodles on the skin
• Hepatitis
• Chest pain
• Abdominal pain
• Liver cancer
• gall bladder or even death
In other occasions, Ocella users have also complained of gaining a lot of weight. The patient will feel hungry and eat a lot of food. However, she will end up vomiting since in actual sense, she was not hungry but the Ocella effect brought about the hunger feeling.

You should seek urgent medical attention as soon as symptoms such as irregular heartbeats and muscle weakness, start to show.
Arm or Chest pain, abnormally sweating, warm groin feeling, poor or blurred vision, abnormal headaches, speaking difficulties, breasts lumps, complete or partial blindness, abdomen pain, and depression.
Bar pharmaceuticals was responsible for the manufacturing of this hemlock birth control pill. The manufacturers of this pill knew the side effects of the drug but did not inform the public. I am too asking the same questions as you are on how the drugs found its way into the market, with organizations such as food and drug administration in place. Bar pharmaceuticals was obviously in business trading with the public’s health by advertising and campaigning on the positive effects of the drug, leaving the bigger picture behind the scenes.
The public embraced the benefits innocently not knowing the price they had to pay. They bought them and it saved them a big deal in unwanted pregnancies, but little did they know that, the side effect was the catch. I am just a small fish and have no opinions but only table facts. Therefore, before guzzling those chemicals down your throat into your body system, you may consider seeking medical advice.


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