What happens if your birthday falls on February 29th

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Have it ever crossed your mind waking up one day to celebrate your birthday, only to discover that the day you were born does not exist on the calender? A considerable number of us are lucky to be born on a day of a month that is not affected by a leap year. You can commemorate the day you are born in whichever day the year brings. Regardless whether it will be a leap year or full year, you will have your day catered for. However, have you ever considered that there are those lucky or unlucky few who celebrate their birthdays in different days every year? This is for the simple reason that, the day they were born does not exist in a the calender in a given year.
A friend of mine was born on 29th day of February and she invited me for her birthday on 28th February this year. She however celebrated her birthday on 29th February almost three years ago. Born on this day, she has three days option of celebrating her birthday. She can either do it on 28th February, 29th February in case of a leap year, or 1st of March. Alternatively, she can also decide to go all the way from 28th to 1st of March, and have party all day and night since all those days represent her birthday celebration events.
In actual calculations, a full year has 365.2425 days. If we decide to ignore the digits after the decimal, we will find ourselves so behind with time. Logically, we will end up having seasons shift and find ourselves celebrating Christmas holidays on March or even mid months of the year, among other events. This is the reason why after every four years a day is added to the month with the least days, i.e. February.  This is what results to a leap year.
Do not feel sad if you have to celebrate your birthday on the correct day after four years.  Have you ever considered that your birthday is linked with other interesting events and facts? An interesting thing I found about this day is that there is a tradition that as a woman, you can propose to a man on this day.
Some of greatest icons in the history who were born on February 29th

  • John pope III
  • Roy parker, the greatest American baseball player
  • Naoko liljima, a historic Japanese actress
  • Saul Williams, an iconic singer, songwriter an actor and poet
  • Ja rule, American rapper and actor

Major historical events also took place on February 29th

  • Finland war ended after the negotiations
  • Gordy Howe scored his 800th goal and recorded the highest number of scores in NHI history in Hartford whalers.
  • Tokyo Sky tree, the tallest skyscraper in the world was officially completed.

These are just but a few, however, you can nice yourself with more research and find out interesting facts and events linked to this day.

The following is a list of some of years that have 29th day of February as from the year 2014, you only add four years on the preceding year to get the sequence of the following years:

2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048… wish you a happy birthday and may you live long.


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