It will never be over; I made a promise I will

It might look like the last chapters of it,

I feel like I am on the wall,

I feel like this is the last hit,

I`ve flown, ran and crawled,

I have come far to give up now,

I know I am on the ground,

I will Rise up from it,

My destiny might be far from this,

But it will never be over; I made a promise I will,



I may not believe in happy ending,

But I know I will succeed,

I may not believe in destiny splendid,

But I know my dreams must be seen,

Rocks cutting through my sandals,

Thorns piercing through my skin,

Strolling feeling weak to stumble,

Thirst is killing me,

Out of strength and sun drilling me,

I have come too far to give up now,

Even if it feel it is the last raw

I have made thousand promises, ocean of tears,

It seems like I cannot move any more inch,

But it will never be over; I made a promise I will


Is what you have a real relationship or just an emotionship?


They say at times that, it is hard for men to keep girlfriends who are just friends. Just as a certain relationship speaker said, “For a man, a plutonic girlfriend is a woman who, he either have not yet slept with or tried to but something went wrong somewhere”. As a woman, being in such a relationship, have you ever wondered what usually runs through that man’s head whenever you cross his mind?

Men are secretive about their intentions for a while even if they realize the plutonic friendship is a time bomb for a potential romantic relationship. Whether you are in a real relationship or a plutonic one there are certain feelings attached to it. These will determine whether what you have is a real relationship or just an emotionship.

The best method to know how a man feels about you and his real intentions is to find out his response when he gets the news bomb that you have just been married. I will not go to the details on how you can do it as a woman and make it look like it is serious. Women are blessed with creativity just make use of it, you can send your friend or do it yourself. The most important part will be the responses that the man will give when caught up in that moment. Below are the categories of the responses and their interpretations.

  1. Okay

When a man goes like okay, when he gets the news bomb that you have just been married, it can mean a lot. However, we can break down into two basic interpretations. He might be having some feelings but saw that coming, accepted and move on. On the flip side, it can also mean that you are a complete stranger in his romance life. You might be very beneficial and mutual friends but an ok can also draws a clear wedge line of what you have is just friends.


  1. What? That is impossible

After getting that you should be going like `oh my gosh he really loves me` or folding your grips tight with excitement. This means that the guy actually have real feelings for you and wants to keep you to himself since she sees the potential in you. These are the Alihandro types that can even stop the wedding when the priest goes `if anyone has objections why these two should not get married step forward`. Keep your hopes and game up, you can be the one.


  1. Thank God, finally                    

This can mean two things. Literally, it means you are either a thorn in their life or a bother who keep stalking his romantic peace. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry if you get this. The best antidote is not to feel sorry for yourself and find out where you went wrong, but to just accept the fact and move on. However, not too fast, it can also mean that you were like his dear sister, who he wished that you be happily married to someone else but not him. In both cases, you do not appear in his romantic picture for a very long time, usually forever

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When I thought I have made up my brain,

And never want to see you again

I find myself thinking about you all the time,

This means you keep running on my mind,

Over and over again,

And find myself entangled in a web of pain,

I try hard to fight it and hope with time,

All this will be a long gone tide

Now all hope is lost in vain,

But when am about to give up, it’s you again,


When you love someone on this earth,

And doesn’t love you back,

You get yourself hurt,

I know I am not faithful to what we have,

And you love me despite of that,

But trust me despite of what I have done,

Nothing can alter the love for you that I have,

I know you feel hurt and cry day and night,

I feel hurt too and always loose the fight,

But when I am about to give up, it’s you again,


 Maybe we should give up,

And go our separate ways,

And everyone to give back,

Everything love made us gain,

But even if I leave this and go back,

I will have nowhere to stay,

Coz the place you found me stuck,

Ceased to exist anyway,

I thought of tossing and perishing in the slain,

But when I am about to give up, it’s you again,




I promise to be faithful,

But that falls into your handful,

Collection of my broken promises,

What is keeping me alive is your forgiveness,

Do you think I enjoy living in this pain?

Trust me I want to stay clean and safe,

Even more than you ever imagined and aimed,

But something is toying with my aims,

Am fighting playing games in vain,

But when I thought of giving up, it’s you again,





I broke all my promises, but you loved me anyway,

I keep hurting what we have, but you love me anyway,

I am the most of your unfaithful, but you love me anyway,

I entangle you in a cycle of life messes, but you love me anyway,

Everything I do is pushing you away,

I love you so much but I think it’s time to let our grip away,

What makes you still love me anyway?

You have all the reasons to hate me trailing from your driveway,

I will understand if you walk away,

But when I am about to give up, it’s you again,