Difference between Rich and wealth


If I was wealthy I could buy the beach,

But I am rich, for now, the beach is out of reach,

If I was wealthy I could buy a plane,

But am rich, I can`t afford gas for the plane,

If I was wealthy, I could have investments,

But I am rich, I own businesses,

If I was wealthy I would be living in a castle fashion,

But now I am rich, I live in a mansion,

This is not a wish play,

But what I am trying to say,

Rich and wealthy is not the same,


I am wealthy, I bought properties,

You are rich, you won lotteries,

I am rich, I worked hard,

You are wealthy, you were patience,

You are rich, you think of raising funds,

Am wealthy I think of donations,

Doing for yourself or for the nations,

Being rich you focus on basic needs,

Being wealthy, you dream of self actualization needs,

However you define it,

Rich and wealthy is not the same,


Investments or business,

Hard work or lottery ticket,

Or even patience or hard work,

Or both patience and hard work,

Just like a career and a job,

Credit and reputation

They sound the same

They can point to the same direction,

But just like silver and gold

Rich and wealthy is not the same,



Excuse me this not a job, its my career


I have been trailing on the path of hard work and passion and look what I found, clients rushing back and forth to me and terming my work as quality. Global recognition and camera flashing all around, people looking up to me and all the financial freedom. I call them collateral benefits and I never saw them coming since I was too focused on the results rather than the benefits.

So I spent the last of my years building reputation and a good kind of karma is following me now. I got experience, skills and credentials that can shoot me to the highest sky limits. Maybe this is the time to ask for a salary increment, look for better jobs (high paying ones), brag about how much I can do or complain about how my boss is a douche bag. I can`t emphasize enough on sleepless nights I spent if the subject will once in a while pop up. On that note, can we talk about the amount of time and energy I siphoned from the normal activities to this? Yeah, I skipped that date to write a blog? That’s lame.



I am sorry doctor I got this back pain and eye strain from the fact that I stayed online on my bed in my pajamas all day long. I was handling some project in the office and did not realize it was midnight, that’s where I got the sleeping problem. Just give me some prescription to keep me going. Yeah, yeah I promise I will do that jog around the block to avoid getting fat. But what will make me fat? I only take popcorns and a cup of coffee that I sip and leave it to get cold when things get yummy. If you don’t get me in the gym, party zones, you know where to find me. I will be working on something in my comfort zone.


My boss calls it hard working, my family calls it workaholic, some call it stupid addiction but I call it career passion. I recall sometime back when I told a client not to pay me because the joy of doing it kept me satisfied. That’s sounded lame too, someone told me to snap out of it since I had bills to pay and a life to live. I told him I already have a life, I am contented with what I do.

If this was a job I could be yearning for high pay now, but I don’t, since it`s my career and I enjoy what I do and I am satisfied with that. Ironically, I am the highest paid one in this field and didn’t ask for it. If this was my job I could be complaining of much work but I don’t, it is my career, I can’t just get enough. If this was my job, I could be complaining to my boss for salary increment or promotion, but it is my career and ironically, my boss is the one seeking for my attention now.

And whoever you are out there reading this, stop going around knocking people’s doors looking for a job and find a career within you.