It may sound cliché fussing that I don’t sleep,

I don’t eat,

I don’t drink, or I feel like to scream,

As matter of fact that is very true,

But I don’t want to brag and look like a fool,

I feel itchy but the quench for the pleasure leaves me hurt,

am infected by this love like an arrow through my heart,


My skin is broken, and blood is oozing,

My heart is broken, your love is bruising,

Someone told me there is something called a spell,

That makes you do things you cant tell,

I didn’t believe at first, but well,

It clear now that I am under your spell,

Coz I cant move on since I have an arrow of your love through my heart,


Days for true love are gone fast, I feel last living in the past,

I feel silly that I am stuck, true love today is for nuts,

Maybe you are gone and hate me that bad,

Maybe one day I will get unstuck,

I have done it a thousand times am now numb with pain,

Am fine that’s what I tell myself every day

But the fact is that almost everything every day, reminds me of your every way,



Silly as it is, stupid as it is,

If this is not love, tell me what it is,

People call me stupid but I know I am not,

Some call it foolish but I know its not,

You said you don’t feel the same way,

You don’t have to anyway,

I just wanted you to know, before you walk away,

May be I will make it somehow,

The way I believe it will be one day somehow,

I might pretend a thousand times am not hurt,

But your love is like an arrow stuck through my heart,